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Legal Toolkit

When a fisherman flees abusive and exploitative conditions on board a fishing vessel, local groups that support them are not always equipped to help them fight their case through the court system.

Slave Free Seas’ tool-kit will help advocates around the world answer the question “what can I do - right here, right now?”

The SFS toolbox provides practical and relevant material to align resources and strategy for immediate action. It provides a “leg up” to meet the problem through specialist consulting, relevant legal information, protocols, suggestions and tips.

While the various international courts may well be the last and only means of resolving the problem, this toolbox gives a myriad of other strategies in simple workbook and instruction manual format.

The New Zealand experience has led to a number of crews taking legal action over unpaid wages. Cases have also arisen relating to physical and sexual abuse of crews. Lawyers who have gained experience through these cases have developed a ‘legal toolkit’ to assist other groups to help victims access justice. The toolkit includes relevant laws and strategies, and is intended to work across multiple jurisdictions.

We invite feedback on your experience using this toolkit. We are also happy to offer advice to groups accessing justice in their region.

You can access the Slave Free Seas Toolkit here


We advise and assist on any aspect of advocacy and legal solutions around labour exploitation and recruitment in the global fishing labour supply chain. Upskilling those working in the anti-trafficking area is essential in order to effectively work against traffickers. We can deliver training seminars on different aspects of human trafficking for forced labour at sea tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation. Contact us to discuss this further.


Behind Slave Free Seas is a group of the world’s experts on the issues that surround human trafficking for forced labour at sea: legal, financial and social. We are constantly working on producing the most cutting-edge research in this area. We are available to carry out research commissions for any aspect of human trafficking that your organisation requires.