Library of Documents on Modern Slavery

Slave Free Seas is committed to bringing slavery at sea to light. The following is a selection of documents that have been obtained under New Zealand’s Official Information Act 1982. They include audits, reports, contracts and internal government communications detailing modern slavery in New Zealand. These documents are free to download and use for research.

Further Resources Available Online

Slave Free Seas Constitution

Slave Free Seas is developing an international code of conduct tailored specifically to cover recruitment and labour standards in the fishing industry. The code provides a standard to which companies can aspire, and a framework for guiding improvements.

The code takes a broad view on the responsibility of employers. Transparency is essential, as is taking seriously the entire labour supply chain, including matters of recruitment that can see crew end out as bonded labour before they ever reach a fishing boat.

Independent Audit and Certification

Our wide network allows us to provide third-party audits to assess companies against the code of conduct. If a company meets the conditions of the audit the SFS logo may be used to give consumer confidence that the labour chain is free of labour exploitation.

Other organisations that are able to provide support